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"The Chaplain's Corner" is a place where you can find uplifting content for members of the DAV® Black Mountain Chapter #12 and our Online visitors to enjoy.

The chapter Chaplain has a variety of responsibilities but the most important is to provide a consistent sense of support and confidence for all members. "The Chaplain's Corner" provides a means to accomplish exactly that.


Information in regard to funerals, sickness of chapter members / family, and emotional or financial distress is listed here:

  • Kevin Carpentier's father passed on Easter.  Kevin is a member of our chapter.  Please keep him and his wife in prayer! His father was a U.S. Air Force Veteran.

  • Our chapter comrade Dick Leo Steenhoek, reported to his final roll call on February 17, 2022. 

  • Several members from our chapter were unable to attend the state conference due to COVID infection. Please keep them in your prayers!


    The articles featured here are from contributed from our Chaplain and fellow Veterans of our chapter, as well as independent published sources. They are provided for your perusal and personal support.

  • Tis The Season" - As this year soon comes to a close, we are provided with an opportunity to appreciate the memories of this past  year.  The added bonus is the anticipation of the excitement in the transition of the new year to come!

  • A Clearer Grasp of Chaplain Duties - It is important to fully understand the responsibilities of the Chaplain. The Chaplain plays an important part of the executive board members fulfilling their jobs effectively as a team. 

  • The Cannabis Cure - Although the VA has not yet been approved, "DAV calls for more research into medical cannabis as an alternative pain relief option for veterans with chronic pain, PTSD and TBI."

  • Did You Know?...

    Congress authorized the hiring of an Army chaplain in 1791. Reverend John Hurt of Virginia (who had served as Chaplain of the 6th Virginia Regiment during the American Revolution) was appointed to the position on March 4, 1791, and became the first officially recognized United States military chaplain.

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